Mumbai Restricts New COVIDs After Increased Infections

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Mumbai Restricts New COVIDs After Increased Infections

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Mumbai, India's commercial capital, today announced new restrictions. After the number of cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) rises so much that it is worried that a new outbreak will occur. While the national vaccination program is still delayed

Mumbai, home to 110 million people, has banned all religious, social and political gatherings from today. Including the surrounding area The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, which is Mumbai as the capital city, said on television yesterday: It is concerned about the severity of a second wave of outbreaks in this state. After the first wave of outbreaks in October While the death toll since the outbreak was nearly 52,000, the simple things to keep in mind are: Wear a mask Comply with regulations And bypass lockdown The authorities will review the situation again in the next 8 days and decide on a lockdown.

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India took a nationwide lock-down measure in March last year. The number of new cases that had previously exceeded 97,000 people a day in September. Reduced to less than 9,000 people a day earlier this month But in the past two weeks, it is likely to increase. Today alone, about 14,000 people are found, most of them in Maharashtra. West of the country The cumulative total number of cases in the country has already exceeded 11 million and approximately 156,000 deaths. The COVID-19 vaccination program. It just started in mid-January with frontline medical personnel. The authorities set a goal to inject 300 million people by July. But only 11.1 million people have been injected until today.



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