Check yourself to see if we deserve a promotion.

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Check yourself to see if we deserve a promotion.

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If you want a promotion To increase the salary, you have to know yourself how much "stuff" we have in order to penetrate the boss's eyes. Let's check together.

Promotion 1
Promotion Want to promote, must check Do we have any of these things our bosses are looking for?

Including good performance, consistent results Have always been a higher standard than other colleagues. Which most agencies tend to consider those who have consistently good performances for at least 2-3 years


If you want to promote, you must have expertise, flexibility and fluidity in work. Good at both principles and practices.

Promotion Raise salary
Suitable for a new stage

The boss will consider promotion from the qualifications suitable for the new job or the new level to receive. For example, if good job but poor human relations. Which the new level of having to contact with a large number of people, the boss may hesitate

High responsibility

The boss is different from his subordinates in that he has higher responsibilities. Therefore able to stand unshakable


If wanting to get promoted, it must have leadership, ie have the right attitude. Solve problems immediately Good negotiation, use of people to make decisive decisions, generous, and be a good speaker Fair And believe in yourself

Promotion - abundant knowledge
Infinite knowledge

Is to have good knowledge in the work performed It may not require a high level of knowledge or have multiple degrees.

Be ambitious

Because ambitious = advancement If not ambitious, but have entered the eyes of the referee At higher heights, they can become tired of their increased responsibilities and not act for the public organization.

Good history

Meaning there is no tainted history, both work and personal matters If things work well, but personal matters are bad Acceptance from all parties is difficult.

Promotion - trained

If you want to promote, you have to be different in order to get into action, such as being an operator but able to make an account. Or speak a foreign language fluently


Is to be accepted by all parties The promotion will therefore be unanimous.


If you have completed work-related knowledge training courses Will be considered more than other participants Or the more appropriate the course for your desired stage, the bigger the tax.

Good personality

The promotion criteria that many people overlook are: Having a good looking personality, having a formidable zodiac, suddenly know that this is the boss!

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