Biden emphasizes global warming threatens humanity, but Trump only cares about the economic damage.

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Biden emphasizes global warming threatens humanity, but Trump only cares about the economic damage.

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Xinhua news agency reported that US President Donald Trump. And former Vice President Joe Biden has eloquently clashed on the issue of climate change. This is a matter of which many voters this year are giving priority. They both took the forum or debate final in Nashville. Tennessee on Thursday (22 October) or this morning Thailand time.

Climate change was one of six issues presented during the final confrontation of the two nominees ahead of the Nov. 3 elections, where they debated. On the fight against COVID-19, slotxo American households, racial issues in America, national security And the 90-minute leadership role of the debate was hosted by NBC journalist Kristen Welker and the White House correspondent.

While answering questions about the issue of climate change Trump said the United States had been treated extremely unfairly when it joined the Paris Agreement. And to support their decision on the withdrawal of the United States Out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change And commented that Compliance with more stringent international standards can damage the economy.

Biden said. “Global warming is a threat to humanity's existence. We have a moral obligation to solve this problem. ”

“And we received information from some of the world's leading scientists that We don't have much time left. We are going to get past the point that is too late to resolve in the next eight to ten years, ”said the determined former vice president of the Paris climate agreement. And talked about their $ 2 trillion investment plan that Will help create new jobs In the development of clean energy industry

Biden also said that They do not know where Trump got that information. Their plans to fight climate change It will be valued as high as 100 trillion dollars.

Climate change is a topic that many American voters are interested in this year. Due to wildfire raging across the western part of the country. And hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico

A recent survey by the Pew Research Center in the United States found that the vast majority of voters indicated climate change to be a very important issue (42%) or rather significant (26%).



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