What happens to your body if you don't brush your teeth?

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What happens to your body if you don't brush your teeth?

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For good dental health, you should brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day. In addition to cleanliness, brushing can also help protect your overall health. You might forget to brush your teeth just because you're tired, forgetting, or not remembering, but do you know what happens if you don't brush your teeth?

Periodontal disease and bone loss
Bacteria build enzymes that begin to erode your bones, giving them more room to grow and develop periodontal disease. Then there will be bone loss and cycle like this.

Studies have shown that there is a relationship between periodontitis. (Or gingivitis) with diabetes Patients with periodontitis (Which is often caused by poor oral hygiene) are more likely to develop diabetes, especially if left untreated.

Heart disease
Residual bacteria in the oral cavity enter the bloodstream and affect the body's natural functions, such as the ability to fight germs. Oral hygiene can also lead to heart disease. Cerebrovascular disease Or even Alzheimer's as well According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the number one cause of death among American women, while Alzheimer's is fifth.

Bad breath
When you are not brushing your teeth, tartar will start to form and cause tooth decay. The accumulated food waste will make you bad breath. Therefore, brushing your teeth will help you avoid this embarrassing and awkward situation.

Before periodontal disease is fully developed, you must first have something called gingivitis, which is “Primary inflammation, swelling, and scurvy.” Ideally, you should take care of your gums, teeth, and oral soft tissues before you get there.

The enamel layer is worn
The enamel layer is very important. The high temperature inside the mouth of a person (about 37 degrees Celsius) causes food debris to spoil faster and lead to tartar. Eventually, the gums will become inflamed and the enamel layers begin to wear out. As a result, your teeth will decay faster than normal. You can prevent this by brushing your teeth, flossing, and seeing your dentist.

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